19 for 2019

Early January walk in Epping Forest; there should be more of this in 2019!

The ladies over at Happier by Gretchen Rubin (a podcast I recommend! Listen at https://gretchenrubin.com/podcasts/) have a thing where instead of new year resolutions they do a list of things they would like to do during the year. Since it 2019 this year they are doing 19 things! So here’s my personal 19 for 2019….

1.Have at least one holiday that involves a hot tub
2.Go walking in a National Park
3.Go to at least one cider festival
4.Visit at least 3 museums
5.Drink cocktails at least 6 times (in a cocktail bar)
6.Do a come and sing Mozart Requiem (or Mass in C minor)
7.Get to show 400 of Girls Gone WoW
8.Go to Blizzcon
9.Finally get caught up with Arrow/Flash/Supergirl/LoT etc
10.Eat more healthily
11.Regularly cycle to work (at least twice per week)
12.Read 20 books
13.Have Bibliogoth happen every month
14.Either get a pay rise or get a new job
15.Have a better mental health year
16.Compete at prelim
17.Compete in the online Horse Agility competition
18.Jump a clear round
19.Go hacking at least once per month

If I get these done it should be a good year! I’m also doing #365days photo project, again, but this year I’m using Instagram instead of Flickr as it will post direct to Facebook and I won’t have to upload and faff about each week. I feel like the one I did last year didn’t have many ‘good’ pictures in it because the year was exhausting and stressful so to give me some focus I’m picking a theme each month. I aim for at least five photos each month to be on the ‘proper’ camera and related to the theme – so not everything by any means and there’ll probably still be lots of photos of the cat, but a better chance at getting some actual practice at taking nice pictures!

My slightly random list of themes is as follows:
January – Winter
February – Buildings
March – Movement
April – Spring
May – Tress and flowers
June – Horses
July – Summer
August – People
September – Landscapes
October – Autumn
November – Stillness
December – Advent

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