Horse training

I have four separate ‘philosophies’ of horse training that I am learning about that work for different areas of horsemanship and complement each other. This is really too many but they all play different roles, however there is a risk of becoming a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’ with this approach.

Techniques I’m currently pursuing:

Connection Training: this is all about teaching horses through positive reinforcement, in this case clicker training and we’ve just started doing this work as Dino has become rather frustrated by straightness training on its own so I’m trying to help him enjoy his work more

Straighness Training: this is a schooling method that has its roots in Classical Equitation and aims to teach the horse to use its body more effectively. It’s a bit like horse pilates!

Enlightened Equitation: This is focused on riding, and a correct seat and aids. I could use some lessons from an EE instructor but have yet to find one who will come to my area

Masterson Method: This is a set of massage techniques to help horses relax and dissolve tension that might be preventing them from using themselves correctly.

I’m also interested in Trust Technique but not actively engaged with it at the moment.

Training Blog

You can read about Dino’s training progress in his training blog by clicking this link!