Ups and Downs…

I’ve been slacking again with the Dino updates…. It’s been a tough few weeks if I’m honest. Personally difficult things have been happening, work hasn’t been straight-forward either and in the midst of all that it’s taken me ages to get on top of Dino’s weight loss issues. At the very end of January I had the vet take some blood just to make sure there was nothing untoward going on and it was all clear so I’ve upped his feed *again* and this week, FINALLY, he’s started to gain weight again. Now to make sure he doesn’t gain too much too quickly, LOL.

Because of the weight issue he’s been mostly off work. I’ve been doing horse agility stuff with him and a bit of lunging with an Equicore, but no ridden work since Emma came out a few weeks ago. Hope to get back on this week though!

David (Osteopath) was out this morning and said the lack of work doesn’t seem to have done much harm; his usual stiffness in the right lumbar spine is present but no worse than usual. Trimmer also came out today and she didn’t think he was entirely even behind but he he’s not landing toe first or looking footy at all. So that’s good. He’s on his new diet now so hopefully that will be reaping benefits for overall vitamin and mineral balance soon, as well as just putting on more calories.

Hopefully we’ll back to decent work under saddle again soon!

Meanwhile we’re still doing agility training. Missed the deadline for Jan/Feb started competition entry as we haven’t yet mastered the curtain, but we’re making progress! He can now go through with some bits touching him but he’s very unsure. Hopefully we’ll have a go at the February course in time to get that one into the competition! This is as much as we can manage at the moment… Watch this space for more progress!

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