Small bits of progress!

This week we have been working on the standing with our front feet in a hoop bit of the starter agility. We have nailed it…sometimes. I even manged it at liberty on Thursday night! (see picture). We also had a hack out on Wednesday so this is just the sort of week we need to keep having 🙂

Not much ‘hard work’ though and I’m still not 100% convinced I’ve got his diet right. I’ve been reading some Pete Ramey (expert barefoot trimmer. Like, if he doesn’t know it literally no-one else is in the whole world probably will expert) about diet which has set me musing again. Excess iron can be a bit problem in horses. I had no idea! So I need to sign up for another month of FeedXL and see if a different set of supplements might work better. Ho hum.

There will be less fun stuff this week. I don’t see where we can fit a hack in, but hopefully we can have some agility fun on Wednesday. I have ordered a curtain from the agility people as my home made one wasn’t up to snuff! I hope that will arrive quickly and we can get practising! Other than that I’m hoping for three nice calm schooling sessions to work on transitions this week. Watch this space.

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