New shoes!

We’ve continued working on agility stuff this week and we bought some new trainers for hacking! Very exciting! Size smaller than his last ones as his hooves have got a it narrower as they’ve been trimmed better. Hoping to road test these on Wednesday with Sam 🙂

Overall we’ve had a sticky week. He seems a tiny bit footy and he’s still losing weight. I’m giving him a week off being ridden and focusing on lunging with his Equicore this week to start some strengthening work. His saddler will be out to check his saddle on Saturday which is a bit overdue and I need to look at his diet again as what we’re doing at the moment clear doesn’t work for him. A quick run of his current diet through FeedXL shows it might be a bit lacking in places – going to have a think about putting him on different (but more expensive!) vitamins and mins and more linseed to try and stop the weight coming off. Very weird to be trying to keep weight on him when usually the problem is the other way!

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