Lesson with Judith (2 March 2019)

As I mentioned last week, few weeks ago I had a clicker/agility lesson with my lovely friend Judith who is a certified Connection Training coach. We were focusing on two things really: Dino can get quite tense and a bit pushy if he’s learning new things or feeling a bit anxious, and this can lead to a lot of waving his front legs about. He was at one point taught Spanish Walk and picking his front legs up has become a rather ingrained habit which I’m trying to stop but it’s a challenge. I covered the main learning points last week but here are the videos Judith took which are super interesting!

This first two videos were taken when I went to get more treats (as we used my whole bumbag full in the first half of the lesson. It’s fascinating to see how anxious he got when he couldn’t see me – apart from going to and from the field he doesn’t really get handled much by other people these days.

Here we are actually doing some work on the flags. This is the first time he’s ever seen flags. You can see how the multiple click is helping him stay ‘with me’ and keep his attention. You can also see the leg waving and hear us having a bit of a discussion about it. (The flags have a bit of an agenda – the pink/light blue on represents trans people, the EU one is self-explanatory and the dark pink/blue one represents the bi community) It was quite windy the day we were working!

This is a few mins later so you can see he’s chilled out about the whole thing.

These last two are interesting and funny. We were finishing off and having a natter by the gate and he decided he didn’t want to be ignored so he took himself back off round the thing he’d just learned to see if this generated any more sweeties…. I had run out again by then though!

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