Flying pony!

Dino is feeling pretty good at the moment, which is excellent. We have been doing a bit of Connection Training groundwork, mixed up with some flatwork and….some tiny jumps! We haven’t jumped in months so this is pretty good and I’m hoping to keep this up once a week. He really seemed to enjoy it!

We’ve been working on flags for the Horse Agility as well, and he’s really getting to grips with them. Still not sure about the waving but not too bad at all:

He’s looking really well. He’s put back on all the weight he lost so now it’s trying to make sure he doesn’t put on too much again! Might take him back to one haynet during the day and keep the amount he’s getting at night. Hopefully the fields will open soon.

He’s been in pretty high spirits though which is lovely. Still moulting though, really hoping the super shed stops soon. Everything is covered in pony hair…

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