Another session with Douglas!

Made it out to Suffolk again today for another session with Sue Gould-Wright on the wonderfully patient Douglas. This week we were working on transitions which are super challenging if you do them right! So much to think about in downward and upward transitions. For downwards I need to concentrate on:

  • Tilting my pelvis back and not letting it rock forward
  • Gently widening across my shoulders
  • Sitting taller and bringing my head and neck gently back
  • Using the muscles in my sides to gently squeeze my arm pits down, whilst still sitting up through the spine (this is a bit confusing!!)
  • Gently letting the elbows drift back into a downward transition

Upwards we did a lot of work about using the legs. This is through contracting the muscles up the whole length of the leg, rather than just trying to use the calves/lower leg which is not necessarily in contact with the horse. I found this very very hard! Especially on the left side where my hip is very stiff. It’s also very hard not to clench my bum whilst doing this and therefore block the motion and stop the horse. Definitely need more practice!

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