Loooooong overdue….

Wow. Sorry. Been a while! Lots of exciting updates in Dino-land! The biggest being he moved house. I think I said we were looking at somewhere in my last post and we’ve been there for about a month now. It’s wonderful! He’s out 24 hours a day, with the lovely Popsicle, in the middle of the countryside in Epping. We have hacking with only the very smallest of roads that are mostly empty. We are loving it!

Here they are in their field
View across the farm

Being able to hack on my own is amazing! He’s really beginning to settle and we can get all the way to Harold’s Park Farm on our own which is a local competition venue so I think we’ll have a go at some dressage in September. I need to get going with agility stuff again as that’s fallen by the wayside whilst I’ve been out hacking! The new yard is a working farm so we’re still getting used to lots of noisy farm equipment and such but not being on that main road is great.

David came out yesterday and says Dino is pretty good. Bit of odd new stiffness in his lower spine just on the left side so I should probably get myself checked to make sure I’m not causing him an issue. I’ve not really been doing my physio or anything lately so hardly mysterious. I need to get my routine sorted. I was concerned that being out at grass all the time would be bad for his feet, but although he is a bit over-weight he’s not terrible and we have ideas for how to divide up the grazing better to keep their weight under control. So all good! Very glad I made the move!

Parallel Pony

Things have been busy! Dino is doing really well though. In the last three weeks he’s seen his trimmer, his osteopath and his saddler and everyone is really pleased with him. The osteo thinks he’s moving really well through his pelvis (which is usually quite jammed up) and whilst there is some stiffness in his lumbar spine he’s generally doing very well. Saddler agreed he was moving very nicely, and said he’s lovely and symmetrical so the padding just needed a bit of floofing and otherwise all is well! Given the struggles we’ve had to get to this point I’m really pleased!

I’m also very pleased with this new fly rug. He was rubbing his mane again so I got one with a full neck all the way up to the ears and it fits really well! As you can see he’s full of summer enthusiasm. The summer fields are open now and even muzzled he’s getting a lot grass so much time is spent sleeping.

New ears on the rug do have a tendency to give him hilarious forelock deely boopers though !

In my possibly exciting news: we might be moving yards to somewhere he can be out in the field 24 hours all year round and that has excellent hacking. Hoping to confirm plans this week so watch this space!

Another month flies by…

I’m really not sure who’s in charge of time but whoever it is should slow it the fuck down. No idea where April went at all! Dino continues to be doing well but I’ve been rushed off my feet. He’s really bouncy and forward though, except when it was super hot. He got a bit lethargic then but who can blame him?!

Yesterday we managed to get out on our first hack since January. It was a bit more eventful than hoped as our hacking partner, Coast, who I was told was completely bombproof, turned out to have a massive fear of golfers. And we went across the gold course. Poor Chanel ended up walking him on foot most of the way! But it was good to get off the yard.

Hopefully we can get some time to hack with Sam and Woody again soon! The clicker stuff has taken a bit of a back seat this month. I’ve just not had much time. I’m still working through the Connection Training Groundwork course but quite a bit slower than hoped. This is fine though, I think he’s enjoying it. I’m also still trying to work on agility stuff but there’s so many new things to train in each monthly competition it’s a challenge to get far enough to have a go at the whole course. I think we need to pick one or to of the obstacles each month and spend the whole month really cracking those rather than trying everything. Need to get more organised.

Overall though he’s moving really well. We’re back in the big summer field, which is a relief, so that makes life a bit easier. Summer coat is nearly through as well so he’s looking very pretty. Hopefully things will calm down a bit for me soon and we can spend some more time doing stuff!

Flying pony!

Dino is feeling pretty good at the moment, which is excellent. We have been doing a bit of Connection Training groundwork, mixed up with some flatwork and….some tiny jumps! We haven’t jumped in months so this is pretty good and I’m hoping to keep this up once a week. He really seemed to enjoy it!

We’ve been working on flags for the Horse Agility as well, and he’s really getting to grips with them. Still not sure about the waving but not too bad at all:

He’s looking really well. He’s put back on all the weight he lost so now it’s trying to make sure he doesn’t put on too much again! Might take him back to one haynet during the day and keep the amount he’s getting at night. Hopefully the fields will open soon.

He’s been in pretty high spirits though which is lovely. Still moulting though, really hoping the super shed stops soon. Everything is covered in pony hair…

Lesson with Judith (2 March 2019)

As I mentioned last week, few weeks ago I had a clicker/agility lesson with my lovely friend Judith who is a certified Connection Training coach. We were focusing on two things really: Dino can get quite tense and a bit pushy if he’s learning new things or feeling a bit anxious, and this can lead to a lot of waving his front legs about. He was at one point taught Spanish Walk and picking his front legs up has become a rather ingrained habit which I’m trying to stop but it’s a challenge. I covered the main learning points last week but here are the videos Judith took which are super interesting!

This first two videos were taken when I went to get more treats (as we used my whole bumbag full in the first half of the lesson. It’s fascinating to see how anxious he got when he couldn’t see me – apart from going to and from the field he doesn’t really get handled much by other people these days.

Here we are actually doing some work on the flags. This is the first time he’s ever seen flags. You can see how the multiple click is helping him stay ‘with me’ and keep his attention. You can also see the leg waving and hear us having a bit of a discussion about it. (The flags have a bit of an agenda – the pink/light blue on represents trans people, the EU one is self-explanatory and the dark pink/blue one represents the bi community) It was quite windy the day we were working!

This is a few mins later so you can see he’s chilled out about the whole thing.

These last two are interesting and funny. We were finishing off and having a natter by the gate and he decided he didn’t want to be ignored so he took himself back off round the thing he’d just learned to see if this generated any more sweeties…. I had run out again by then though!

I really do try and update every week…

…but things have been hectic! The weather this past few weeks has been quite mad. High winds, heavy rain and generally storm conditions means we haven’t been doing as much as we might like. Good news: he’s put on some weight. They’ve got hay in the field now and he’s still getting a pile in his stable so that seems to have turned the corner *phew*. He’s a couple of months into the new supplements which is too early to tell really whether it’s making a difference but it’s all going into the pony which is a good start.

We have been riding a bit! Here we are in a very high wind (his mane is usually on the left of his neck…) which he didn’t much like but he seems comfortable in his feet and isn’t moving too badly.

We’ve also been doing lots of clicker and agility. Judith was in London so we had a lesson a few weeks back and started working on flags. He was so good! We were concentrating on a few things:

  • Making sure I give him the treat in front of him and not to his side
  • Treating more often! This was something I needed to work on before
  • Using multiple clicks, partly to help manage his anticipation and help prevent him getting too ‘high energy’ (he gets quite excited about clicker)
  • Reinforcing quietly standing, without waving his front legs around. This is a really ingrained habit he has and Judith thinks he almost doesn’t understand he’s doing it. It’s simply a reflex, which makes it really hard to stop. We need to focus on clicking for calm relaxation and think about whether to introduce a cue for standing with both feet on the ground. Still thinking about this!

We’re getting good at targeting flags now! I missed the second video competition deadline but I’m hopeful we’ll get something in for the March/April one.

I’ve also been continuing my own work on my riding with Sue and Douglas the simulator. We had a good session this weekend. I allowed to ride in the ‘school’ (so I could make the horse go where I wanted on the screen, rather than being in ‘training’ mode – hard to explain!). The takeaway points from this were:

  • I need to focus on not blocking the head movement with my shoulders. I need to think about them being relaxed and widened, tucking my chin in and letting the weight fall into my elbows
  • For turning I need to think about my shoulders to his shoulders, my hips to his hips (she said this several times and every time all I could think it ‘my mind to your mind’ from Star Trek) So if I turn my shoulders the rest of my body should naturally do what it needs to to turn the horse – my hips will follow and then his hips too.
  • Overall she thinks I’m improving though which is good! I wish I could have actual lessons with her on Dino!!

Hopefully the weather will be a bit more sane now, the schools will dry out and we can make some progress. I’m really looking forward to getting started with the Connection Training Groundwork Course. I’ve done the theory bit and the rest of the course is really well put together so I’m excited to get going! I shall try to update more often.

Ups and Downs…

I’ve been slacking again with the Dino updates…. It’s been a tough few weeks if I’m honest. Personally difficult things have been happening, work hasn’t been straight-forward either and in the midst of all that it’s taken me ages to get on top of Dino’s weight loss issues. At the very end of January I had the vet take some blood just to make sure there was nothing untoward going on and it was all clear so I’ve upped his feed *again* and this week, FINALLY, he’s started to gain weight again. Now to make sure he doesn’t gain too much too quickly, LOL.

Because of the weight issue he’s been mostly off work. I’ve been doing horse agility stuff with him and a bit of lunging with an Equicore, but no ridden work since Emma came out a few weeks ago. Hope to get back on this week though!

David (Osteopath) was out this morning and said the lack of work doesn’t seem to have done much harm; his usual stiffness in the right lumbar spine is present but no worse than usual. Trimmer also came out today and she didn’t think he was entirely even behind but he he’s not landing toe first or looking footy at all. So that’s good. He’s on his new diet now so hopefully that will be reaping benefits for overall vitamin and mineral balance soon, as well as just putting on more calories.

Hopefully we’ll back to decent work under saddle again soon!

Meanwhile we’re still doing agility training. Missed the deadline for Jan/Feb started competition entry as we haven’t yet mastered the curtain, but we’re making progress! He can now go through with some bits touching him but he’s very unsure. Hopefully we’ll have a go at the February course in time to get that one into the competition! This is as much as we can manage at the moment… Watch this space for more progress!

Another session with Douglas!

Made it out to Suffolk again today for another session with Sue Gould-Wright on the wonderfully patient Douglas. This week we were working on transitions which are super challenging if you do them right! So much to think about in downward and upward transitions. For downwards I need to concentrate on:

  • Tilting my pelvis back and not letting it rock forward
  • Gently widening across my shoulders
  • Sitting taller and bringing my head and neck gently back
  • Using the muscles in my sides to gently squeeze my arm pits down, whilst still sitting up through the spine (this is a bit confusing!!)
  • Gently letting the elbows drift back into a downward transition

Upwards we did a lot of work about using the legs. This is through contracting the muscles up the whole length of the leg, rather than just trying to use the calves/lower leg which is not necessarily in contact with the horse. I found this very very hard! Especially on the left side where my hip is very stiff. It’s also very hard not to clench my bum whilst doing this and therefore block the motion and stop the horse. Definitely need more practice!

New shoes!

We’ve continued working on agility stuff this week and we bought some new trainers for hacking! Very exciting! Size smaller than his last ones as his hooves have got a it narrower as they’ve been trimmed better. Hoping to road test these on Wednesday with Sam 🙂

Overall we’ve had a sticky week. He seems a tiny bit footy and he’s still losing weight. I’m giving him a week off being ridden and focusing on lunging with his Equicore this week to start some strengthening work. His saddler will be out to check his saddle on Saturday which is a bit overdue and I need to look at his diet again as what we’re doing at the moment clear doesn’t work for him. A quick run of his current diet through FeedXL shows it might be a bit lacking in places – going to have a think about putting him on different (but more expensive!) vitamins and mins and more linseed to try and stop the weight coming off. Very weird to be trying to keep weight on him when usually the problem is the other way!

Small bits of progress!

This week we have been working on the standing with our front feet in a hoop bit of the starter agility. We have nailed it…sometimes. I even manged it at liberty on Thursday night! (see picture). We also had a hack out on Wednesday so this is just the sort of week we need to keep having 🙂

Not much ‘hard work’ though and I’m still not 100% convinced I’ve got his diet right. I’ve been reading some Pete Ramey (expert barefoot trimmer. Like, if he doesn’t know it literally no-one else is in the whole world probably will expert) about diet which has set me musing again. Excess iron can be a bit problem in horses. I had no idea! So I need to sign up for another month of FeedXL and see if a different set of supplements might work better. Ho hum.

There will be less fun stuff this week. I don’t see where we can fit a hack in, but hopefully we can have some agility fun on Wednesday. I have ordered a curtain from the agility people as my home made one wasn’t up to snuff! I hope that will arrive quickly and we can get practising! Other than that I’m hoping for three nice calm schooling sessions to work on transitions this week. Watch this space.